The Dvision Network 2021 Year in Review: Your Ultimate Metaverse!


After that, we have decided to go multichain, hence we have established a strategic partnership with Curvegrid, a Tokyo-based development firm, that has helped us to migrate to the Binance Smart Chain through their MultiBaas Bridge. These two milestone achievements were followed by the listing on one of the largest South-Korea-based exchanges in the world, Bithumb Korea, where we have managed to participate in several trading competitions and win them.

After that, we have released our limited-edition NFTs, which were released in the OpenSea and were offered to the public in the eBay-style auctions.

We have finalized the Q1 of 2021 by establishing a strategic partnership with the ZMVR to expand to the Chinese Market and joined the Messari Registry as an official member.

The 2nd quarter has been one of the most important periods for Dvision Network, as we have completed the migration to the Binance Smart Chain and deployed the MultiBaas bridge, which has initiated our path and story on the BSC ecosystem. Before that, we have signed a partnership with Bluzelle to integrate their price feeds into our ecosystem and utilize their decentralized DB solutions.

As a BSC-based ecosystem participant, we have initiated robust and active integration with the BSC’s largest partners to derive the synergies, this includes but is not limited to Math Wallet, Injective Protocol, Bounce Finance (Fangible), Ankr, SafePal, and others. These integrations were followed by two large exchange listings, which are Indodax and Bittrex Global.

The most important period of Q2 2021 was concentrated on our Open Beta Test Launch for the Dvision Metaverse. The OBT has been quite successful and it gave us great precedence to continue the development, which has resulted in the successful release of the Dvision World in Q4. The Q2 has been finalized with the official farming and syrup pool integration with the PancakeSwap, which enabled a new use case for DVI (BEP-20 version).

The most important thing that occurred at the beginning of the Q3 of 2021 was our integration with the Enjin, as we have committed to utilizing their APIs to bring over our metaverse over Efinity, JumpNet, and Polkadot, which is currently in progress.

We have also held the “Luniverse Partners Day”, which was a special conference conducted for several leading companies within South Korea and became a huge success, after the completion of our OBT 1st phase. This has followed with the next grandiose event, as we have accommodated the National Assembly ROK’s Live Debate in our metaverse.

However, the most unprecedented event that has made the 2021 historical for Dvision Metaverse was the event that we held together with Binance Smart Chain ecosystem partners, where up to 35 leading BSC-based projects joined the metaverse-based anniversary that we held for the Binance Smart Chain. It was a huge success, as we have managed to bring over 80,000 users to our metaverse, and provide these users up to $100,000 in total rewards through NFTs and tokens sponsored by the BSC Builders.

The end of the Q3 ended with our nomination to the MVB III August Monthly start among the top 17 projects, which have further been placed among the leaders in the MVB III that battled for the top 10.

Perhaps, the 2021 Q4 was the most anticipated phase for our metaverse, as we have prepared for two of the most important milestones on our roadmap, which were the Dvision World Launch and the 1st LAND Sale, both of which became a huge success.

On 1st November, the Dvision World has officially been launched, where we have released several early-stage pieces of content for our early supporters and users, which were the Squid Game-related games and several other landmarks. However it should always be noted, that Dvision World is not even 10% of the entire Dvision Metaverse, as we will open up Meta-Cities, which will be accessed via the Dvision World, as it works as a portal lobby for the future cities and the LANDs.

Speaking of LANDs, the official 1st LAND Sale has occurred in tripartite collaboration between Binance NFT, NFTb, and Dvision Marketplace, which became the largest LAND Sale in the history of the Binance Smart Chain, that has ended in under 5 minutes! These LAND NFTs, which were trading at x10 after the sale, were later extended to the secondary marketplaces through the collaboration with Refinable and DeFine to provide the users a smooth P2P trading experience. Not only, that but even the largest virtual estate investment fund — Republic Realm has invested in the 18 most premium LAND Lots, thereby investing in the Dvision Metaverse!

Last but not least, we have finalized the last quarter of the year by releasing our latest roadmap for 2022 and held a trading event together with Bithumb Korea during Christmas!

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