The Low-Down on Tokocrypto’s The Kripto Odyssey (T.K.O) Summit 2021


Tokocrypto, Indonesia’s most trusted crypto assets exchange platform, has launched its white paper for TokoToken (T.K.O.) at the recently concluded The Kripto Odyssey (T.K.O.) Summit 2021. 

The conference was held via Youtube Live, with over 15,000 viewers tuning in from all around the globe in attendance. The Kripto Odyssey (T.K.O.) summit is the second edition of Tokocrypto’s T.K.O quarterly summit. This edition aimed to empower the ever-growing crypto community through in-depth knowledge and tutoring from industry experts.

There was a lot on the agenda of the organizers of the Summit ranging from potential applications of blockchain, leveraging blockchain technology to solve real-world problems as well as the importance of the role of Covid-19 relief efforts i.e  for the storing of medical history, management of supply chains and – secure transfer of data, etc. 

The conference was split into two panels. The first panel discussed issues cemtered on the transparency of blockchain as well as the application of blockchain and smart contracts together with emerging technologies like artificial intelligence (A.I),  5G to develop to the Metaverse.

 On the other hand, the second panel provided a general overview of the entire crypto landscape concerning the role of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) in the digital assets world, decentralized finance (Defi), and the uprising of the GameFi megatrend.  

Applications of Toko Token

As a result of the growing popularity of A.I., it’s no shock to see Tokocrypto adopting it. In addition, the application of A.I and big data together with blockchain could help transform the Metaverse into a digital reality. 

In April 2020, Tokocrypto partnered with Binance, and since then, TKO has become one of the primary facilitators of the Tokoverse giving rise to three significant projects i.e (Toko Mall, T-Hub, and an exchange platform.

TKO erves various purposes on the Tokocrypto network allowing its users to participate in various platforms such as its TokoMall NFT marketplace.  For Indonesians, TKOwill soon be providing discounted trading fees for transactions undertaken via Tokocrypto’s exchange platform. 

A.I. and Big Data for Blockchain Networks

As highlighted by the first panel at the Summit, the deployment of A.I and big data in support of the operations of blockchain networks could help improve data security, transparency and further reduce data breaches in the crypto industry. 

This is because A.I, unlike humans, can read, understand and sift through data at superhuman speeds, thereby introducing a brand new level of security to blockchain networks. 

The second panel at the summit highlighted the possibilities for the application of blockchain and the ways in which this technology can be utilized for solving real-world problems like alleviating the Covid-19 situation in Indonesia. 

Panelist Teguh Kurniawan who is the COO of Tokocrypto emphasized that blockchain can be implemented for various healthcare needs, including seamless data transfer, obtaining medical equipment, proper storage of patient’s medical history and managing supply chains, etc.

According to him, applying blockchain technology to the Covid-19 pandemic would greatly alleviate the adverse effects of the pandemic. 

About Tokocrypto

Tokocrypto is Indonesia’s most trusted crypto-assets digital exchange company. Tokocrypto is the sole issuer of T.K.O., which operates using an unusual hybrid token model combining both Decentralized Finance (Defi) and Centralized Finance (Ceci). Tokocrypto was developed in 2018 by a group of crypto enthusiasts who believe strongly in the benefits of Blockchain technology. 

The main goal of Tokocrypto is to enlighten Indonesians about the crypto industry and integrate blockchain technology into society and ultimately into the global economy.

Over a year ago, Tokocrypto recently joined forces with the world’s largest crypto trading platform – Binance. Since then, the Tokocrypto Token (T.K.O.) has gone on to become the central pillar of the Tokoverse – a crypto space that consists of an NFT marketplace (TokoMall), an offline community center (T-Hub), and an exchange platform with endless possibilities of more platforms to come. 

Tokocrypto is perfect for both first-time investors and seasoned traders. 

Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.

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