The Sandbox Metaverse Opens a New Reward Period with 300K SAND Tokens Set Aside


The Sandbox has not stopped working to become the leading metaverse project. Backed by a solid game studio, it has become one of the leading blockchain projects, boosting token adoption and multiple NFT collections. 

The Sandbox launched another reward period, setting aside 300k SAND tokens. 

The Sandbox Metaverse also supports growth with a new game generator. Most of the big land plots also boost Web3 and blockchain brands. 

Additionally, The Sandbox organizes mini-challenges with 100 SAND rewards for using its game generator tool. About a month ago, The Sandbox introduced its newest game-making tool. The metaverse platform also relies on special events, meetups, and themed NFT collections to drive engagement. 

The Sandbox bridges the gap between mainstream gaming and Web3. Most NFT, avatars, and Sandbox projects aim to popularize digital ownership with a lower risk of speculation or rug pulls. For that reason, even Ubisoft chose The Sandbox for a recent collection launch. 

Early owners of The Sandbox assets will receive exclusive access to Ubisoft’s new metaverse experience, ChampionsVerse. The NFT will be free and not go through the usual minting and bidding process. 

The Sandbox Still Offers Top Virtual Worlds

The Sandbox is ranked 128 among Web3 games, with versions on Ethereum and Polygon. Currently, daily active players are in the dozens or hundreds, far from peak activity during the 2021 NFT and gaming boom. 

Despite this, The Sandbox retains value, trading NFT at around $390 floor price. The project has created multiple scarce items, including skins and decorations, which are used within its metaverse locations. 

SAND Token Trades Under $0.50

The native token of SAND is still among top gaming assets, despite trading at around $0.42 in May. SAND peaked above $7.50 during the best times for metaverse games in 2021. 

The Sandbox remained close to Axie Infinity in terms of market capitalization, with a valuation of $983M. SAND tokens almost evened out with their competitor, Decentraland (MANA), another metaverse hangout. MANA traded at around $0.41.

SAND remains a high-profile token, mostly due to its social media activity and engagement through metaverse events. 

SAND is now actively used for rewards, as an addition to the free NFT, and there are no concerted efforts to pump the token. Trading volumes have leveled out at around $55M in 24 hours, boosted by Binance, Upbit and HTX trading.

Gaming tokens as a whole are consolidating, with no breakouts seen recently. Currently, SAND is under its 100-day moving average, and sees some accumulation along with other Web3 and gaming tokens. Owning SAND may also mean eligibility for additional rewards through staking, or NFT drops.

Metaverse Land Plots Retain Value

Some of the land plots on The Sandbox still retain value, starting out at 0.1349 ETH for a basic plot. Several exclusive land plots are on sale for 1M ETH, while high-profile plots are offered between 1,000 and 10,000 ETH. The most common sales happen at around 0.15 ETH. Digital land is still needed for the full Sandbox experience, especially for players using the VoxEdit service. 

The goal of The Sanbox is to distribute relatively accessible NFT and items, to make a richer experience in the metaverse. The Sandbox remains one of the best-developed games in Web3 space for a graphic-rich metaverse experience.

In addition to land plots, The Sandbox collections include special branded editions and claimable avatars. Some NFT also include musical effects, as well as additional branded skins. 

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