Tokenized metal platform VNX launches liquidity mining


VNX, the first regulated tokenized precious metal investment platform, has launched a liquidity mining program, generating substantial benefits for VNX users, Coin Journal learned from a press release. 

Holders of VNX Gold now enjoy access to new opportunities for investments on Uniswap V3’s decentralized protocol by offering liquidity to pools for VNXAU-USDC and VNXAU-WBTC.

The luxury of a stagnant asset is no longer an option

Investors who want to be successful must transform idle assets into active capital, especially in the current context of a prolonged bear market. The luxury of a dormant asset isn’t an option anymore. 

When a traditional commodity like precious metals backs digital assets, the investor enjoys a safety net and creates an opportunity for their assets to work. This can help them weather any market storm.

Unlocking liquidity with gold 

VNX unleashes the potential of stacking and liquidity with gold, a classic asset, by means of the above liquidity pools. 

VNX users can now earn trading fees and VNXLU tokens by providing liquidity on Uniswap and other decentralized exchanges from their VNX Gold holdings. The native VNX platform hosts consolidated staking and liquidity pools, making it easy for all users to navigate the process. 

Stake tokens to earn 

Users can stake liquidity provider tokens to start earning VNXLU tokens by adding their VNX Gold tokens to the Uniswap-powered pools. They can use any tokens earned to trade on exchanges or pay issuing fees. 

What’s more, the initial integration with Uniswap offers diverse and sophisticated yield sources to improve investment strategies and increase potential profit. 

VNX CEO and cofounder Alexander Tkachenko commented: 

We are excited to introduce our liquidity mining program, which has been a long-term goal for us. Giving our customers access to new methods to generate gains is of paramount importance. Enabling users to take advantage of the potential of tokenized metals through staking and liquidity on a single platform is a major leap forward.

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