Top 5 Play To Earn NFT Games- 2022


There are numerous ways to earn money in the digital space but nothing has been more entertaining and easier than blockchain-based NFT games. Everyone can earn an enormous amount of money by just playing their favorite games by implementing the core of NFTs
to it. Non-fungible tokens, as we know, are digital assets that are built on a blockchain network. Since it is on a blockchain, the ownership of the NFT is stored securely on the digital ledger. Thus, it eliminates middlemen and the threat that comes along
with them, such as costly transaction fee, data manipulation, and data theft.

By adding this incredible technology to the gaming domain paved the way for the concept of play to earn NFT games.

How Do NFT Games Make Money?

NFTs are known for their ability to be unique and easily tradable. Thus, adding the NFTs to the gaming world opens the door for extensive monetization opportunities. The gaming platforms have been around for many decades and still have been following the
same road in terms of monetization. The players never get the opportunity to earn by playing their favorite games, it has always been the developers who are making a fortune out of it. This has been a rising issue for a while and was rectified with the help
of NFTs and opened the gates for play to earn NFT games.

These types of games are built with a blockchain network and the in-game assets of the game are represented as NFTs. The players play the game and complete levels or win battles, whatever achievements that are programmed for a game are completed, the players
will receive NFTs or they can buy them in the game. These NFTs are traded over secondary marketplaces and are liquidated. This liquidation from games is possible because of NFTs and they are created a new term in the digital space known as “play to earn”.

What Are The Benefits Of NFT Games?

Transparency is the most important factor in NFT games. Transparency establishes trust among players. This quality is powered by the effectiveness of the blockchain. The purchases that are made on the game are recorded on the digital ledger. Since they recorded
on the ledger, it is open for everyone in the game. Thus, when a player purchases an asset that is not supposed to be purchased, will be known to the players and the necessary actions will be taken.

Security is the most prioritized possession in any blockchain-based platform. The blockchain network takes care of the security aspect of any play to earn NFT games. The complete data of the game regarding each and every level of the game will be stored
on the ledger in a very secure manner. Thus, it cannot be deleted or manipulated even if the game shuts down abruptly.

Ownership is the key for NFTs. This is one of the most treasured qualities of any NFT game. When an in-game collectible is bought, the ownership and the other details regarding the game are saved in the blockchain and thus it is extremely hard to crack and
impose it with various cyber threats. Thus, it enables the players to purchase and trade the in-game NFTs without having to worry about cyber attacks.

Top 5 Play To Earn NFT Games:

Axie Infinity is a blockchain game that is inspired by the Pokemon game series.  This game is regarded as one of the trending play to earn NFT games in 2021. It has paved the way for numerous players
to succeed in monetizing their knack for gaming effortlessly. Axie Infinity is a game where players get to train, breed, and buy monsters called Axies and allow them to battle with each other against various players.

Gods Unchained is a very popular trading cards game. This is an online strategy-based NFT game where the cards provided in the game are in the form of NFTs. The trading cards that are provided in the
game possess real-world value based on a token called the GODS token.

Spliterlands is another type of NFT game that is famous for its innovative gameplay and incredible utilization of the play-to-earn concept. This NFT game is built on the efficiency of a blockchain network called the HIVE. The core of this game is to battle
against various monsters and win in-game assets and these NFT-based assets are traded over numerous secondary marketplaces.

The sandbox is the latest entry in the blockchain gaming sector. This game is widely known for its two hit mobile game variations; the Sandbox (2011) and the Sandbox Evolution (2016). This is one of the most popular games because of its high volume of downloads
on iOS and Android devices. 

Alien worlds is an impressive addition to the play-to-earn NFT games list. This is an NFT-based metaverse game that has the ability to be built on numerous blockchains such as Ethereum, WAX, and Binance Smart Chain. The core of this game is based on the
concept of exploration and mining. This leads to the discovery of in-game asset-based NFTs which are traded over secondary marketplaces.


At present, the play-to-earn NFT games have submitted themselves as one of the most dominant forces in the crypto space. As long as the concept of NFT is rising, the concept of NFT games is expected to reach astounding heights in the near future. Thus, taking
advantage of this novel opportunity is the best possible way to enjoy greater rewards and prizes.





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