Trading signals about the upcoming pump on Binance from Telegram


Cryptocurrency trading on the Binance exchange requires constant monitoring of rates and tracking the slightest fluctuations in value. It is to facilitate the tasks and maximize profits that a huge number of the most diverse telegram channels have been created. It is important to understand that it is on such channels that you can easily meet scammers and lose significant amounts of money.

The most popular and used community is “Crypto Pump Signals for Binance”. Thanks to this group, many investors have started their journey of success, and continue to make big profits every day.

Features of the Telegram community «Crypto Pump Signals for Binance»

The Crypto Pump Signals for Binance team has gained the trust of a huge number of investors in a fairly short period of time. Due to the fact that participation in the channel is absolutely free, all participants can monitor the accuracy of the information provided.

All subscribers of this Telegram channel receive reports with reliable data on the profit that VIP subscribers have received through the use of accurate trading signals, which are published in advance of the increase in the price of the digital token. Any subscriber can check the accuracy of this data using the decrypted report for each specific coin. 


Each subscriber of the channel receives a screenshot with accurate trading signals and can see the values used by VIP members when trading coins, immediately after the publication of the report on the “pump” of this coin.

Even non-VIP subscribers can earn income from trading, as the group admins always open the values of one of the future pump targets, so you always have the opportunity to lock in a guaranteed profit.


Every day at 12.00 GMT+1, this channel publishes a report on the profits made during the last 24 hours. By comparing the report and screenshots with the signals received by VIP subscribers, any member will be able to visually verify the integrity and accuracy of trading signals from channel administrators. You can read the reviews of traders and learn how to use the trading signals of the Telegram channels about the upcoming pumps on Binance by clicking on the link to the site.

To get the most profit on the Binance exchange, traders subscribe to a paid VIP subscription. The earnings of members of the VIP channel of telegrams reach 45% of the cost of just one digital currency.

Making a paid subscription is quite easy: after paying the cost, just send a screenshot of the @crypto_pumpteam transaction and wait for an invitation to the VIP channel. You will get next:

• Invited to two VIP chats, where signals are published not only for manual work, but also using a special trading bot;

• Receives priority support from experts around the clock and on an ad hoc basis. This means that his issues will be resolved much faster than the owners of other packages;

• The maximum number of signals about upcoming pumps, on average, is 10-15 per day.

Members have the opportunity to get a VIP subscription for free. A draw is held on the channel weekly, to participate in it you need to invite a friend to the channel, and then send his name to Telegram and the user ID to a special address. Bloggers can take part in the draw by publishing an interesting post on their social network, indicating the link to the channel.

Every Sunday at 15.30 only 3 winners are randomly selected for each type of subscription.

Affiliate program for Telegram subscribers

All VIP subscription holders automatically become members of the bonus “Affiliate Program”. To get a nice bonus, you need to invite a friend to join the VIP channel by subscribing. A friend, buying a package, will receive a 10% discount, and the invitee receives bonuses to his wallet. “Basic bonus” is 10%.

Thanks to this, participation in the program is beneficial for both participants.

To receive a bonus to your account, after a friend subscribes to a VIP subscription, you need to send the following information: the friend’s name, a link to his profile in Telegram, and the wallet address for the reward.

When inviting more than 10 friends per month, the referral can receive an additional 5% bonus.

Recommendations for using signals from the VIP channel

After receiving an informational message on the channel, the participant must immediately begin to act. The coin indicated in the signal must be immediately bought at the price from the Buy Zone. Next, you need to place orders to sell this coin, focusing on the values specified in the Target1-Target 5 lines. After the orders are triggered, the first profit will be fixed.

Working capital must be distributed correctly:

• One coin should not use more than 5% of the total capital

• Do not invest all your capital entirely in one or more coins. There should be a reserve on the balance in case of new signals. This will help you achieve the highest profit.

• For maximum convenience, an automatic trading bot is connected to the channel. To connect, you need to press the “Follow signal” key and follow the instructions.

With a competent approach to trading, subscribers of VIP channels with trading signals for Binance have a real opportunity to multiply their capital several times. Purchasing VIP packages will allow you to be aware of upcoming pumps, as well as recommended values when buying and selling digital tokens. Many regular subscribers of VIP channels are already making huge profits on a daily basis, simply by responding in a timely manner to incoming signals about upcoming pumps.

You can watch video clips on how easy it is to make money trading cryptocurrency using trading signals about upcoming pumps on the Binance exchange on the “Crypto Pump Signals for Binance” YouTube channel

Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.

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