Vitalik Buterin launches a book on the making of Ethereum

  • Vitalik Buterin sets September 27 as the release date for his Proof of Stake book.
  • The book’s description hints that it will focus on Buterin’s challenges of creating an internet native world and its potential.

Ethereum developers are focused on educating the ecosystem as the crypto industry prepares for the hugely expected Ethereum Merge. Buterin has memoirs of his journey in building the blockchain network.

The Ethereum co-founder titles the book, Proof of Stake, with the tagline, “the making of Ethereum and the philosophy of blockchain.” The book is perfecting timing as Ethereum looks to switch and become a proof-of-stake network. September 27, 2022, is the proposed date for the book’s release, which is less than two weeks following the scheduled date for the Merge.

The book is a compilation of Buterin’s personal experiences in the last few years of building the Ethereum network. It contains Buterin’s writings from before and during the rising popularity of Ethereum. Gitcoin describes the book as a revelation that the Ethereum co-founder is a vivid and imaginative writer. Buterin tweeted the announcement of the book launch on Wednesday.

He stated that interested persons can get signed digital copies of the book and NFTs through the Gitcoin platform. “The physical and digital version of my book (Proof of Stake) contains a compilation of my writings over the past decade. It will be out within the next month, and you can have an NFT and a signed digital copy via Gitcoin. I’m donating my earnings from the sales to Gitcoin’s grants public goods.”

Building an internet native world

The book’s description states that Buterin’s works focused on the creation of an internet native world. It mentioned that the Ethereum co-founder was primarily focused on the fundamentals and not on tokenomics. While many may not always agree with Buterin’s tweets about the blockchain space, his book offers insights many of his critics would wish to know.

While he was attempting to discover problems and possibilities of building an internet native world, many of his peers were mainly interested in seeing a spike in the value of their tokens.

Many in the crypto space still do not understand the Proof of Stake (PoS) concept but still consider this new consensus mechanism as the solution to the high energy consumption issues in the Proof of Work mechanism. Under the PoS mechanism, validators replace miners and are only eligible to publish a block when they stake 32 ETH. This amount is unchangeable.

Besides contributing to the blockchain community, Buterin is also famous for his charitable acts. In April, Buterin (a Russian-Canadian) donated $5 million as relief aid for war-torn Ukraine. In May 2021, he donated $1 billion in meme coins to an India-based COVID-19 relief fund. Last week, Buterin tweeted that many people underrate the convenience of making payments with crypto compared to fiat.

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