Web3 Game Developer COMBO To Launch $80 Million Ecosystem Fund


Key Points:

  • COMBO, a Web3 game development expansion solution, announced the launch of the Ecosystem Fund.
  • The team has allocated $80 million to the Ecosystem Fund.
  • This fund will be given to developers creating Web3 games on the ecosystem.
According to the official announcement, the Ecosystem Fund has been launched by COMBO, a Web3 game development growth solution.
Web3 Game Developer COMBO To Launch $80 Million Ecosystem Fund

The Ecosystem Fund has received $80 million from the COMBO team. This funding will be distributed to Web3 game creators working on the ecosystem.

“Creating engaging and sophisticated web3 games is no easy feat. Developers need resources, expertise, and support to bring their ideas to life. To that end, the COMBO Ecosystem Fund was created to fund promising web3 gaming projects that are ready to reshape the industry,” according to the blog.

Besides the fund, the Ecosystem Fund connects creators with consultants and gaming industry experts who may assist successful applicants through the Web3 game development process.

The Ecosystem Fund is unique in that it does not just sponsor specific initiatives. It is all about establishing a community of web3 game producers. The Ecosystem Fund is assisting in the development of a vibrant ecosystem of Web3 games that can all benefit from each other’s success by investing in various projects.

Web3 Game Developer COMBO To Launch $80 Million Ecosystem Fund

COMBO is a scaling solution provider for Web3 game development. It is creating an open-source, decentralized, game-oriented Layer-2 that is available to everyone by using the world’s top gaming engine.

The fundamental goal of the network is to maximize the potential of Web3 gaming by providing game developers with a platform that is readily accessible, fairly priced, effective, and secure. COMBO plans to address the scalability challenges that developers have in the Web3 gaming industry by implementing a game-oriented Layer-2 approach that will enable them to create vast and engaging gaming experiences.

One of the key features of COMBO is its focus on connection and interoperability within the greater Web3 ecosystem. By linking game creators to the whole ecosystem, the platform offers simple integration with multiple blockchain networks, protocols, and services. Due to this interconnection, game developers may have access to the infrastructure, tools, and resources required to manufacture and advertise their projects on a global scale.

Moreover, COMBO has chosen the Binance Smart Chain (BNB) to implement its revolutionary scaling approach, making it the first optimistic roll-up game centered on this blockchain. With BNB’s capabilities, COMBO provides game creators with access to a large and active user base, providing them with a huge market for their projects.

By offering a scalable and efficient solution, the project also assists developers in creating engaging gaming experiences that may reach a large audience and spark the next gaming bull market.

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