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The scale up of the web3 metaverse takes a comprehensive meta DAO approach to compete on the same level and beyond as the big brands of yesterday.

As we see Nike, Adidas, Dolce and Gabbana and more, attempt to buy, copy and kill nascent protocols on their way into web3, it is clear that the most established brands with cult followings built over decades, which have somehow survived the social media transformation of existing business practices, have woken up to the $$ available in web3 as a branding and hype marketing term.

But in truth, they are ngmi.

The transformation of markets and economies through these new social coordination, status, access, and wealth creation mediums and mechanisms waits for no one.

The actual power of web3 is that now the ability of anyone in a market to decide for ourselves how and when to create and use our own wealth is rapidly becoming beyond the control of corporate brands and others whose debt based consumer appeal has to keep up with millions of upstart competitors with radically lower operational, coordination and scale up costs.

In this climate, it is almost shocking that no serious dedicated indie web3 fashion collector DAOs currently exist. Decentralization is power here as much as in any other sector.

A federated model of countless DAOs learning from and mutually assisting each other through hypergrowth network effects is far better than any one DAO to rule them all, let alone one DAO to collect mostly the old symbols of corporate luxury, wealth, and power (which is unfortunately all that we have today).

Web3 and the metaverse will far outpace all wealth ever produced in previous waves, as each industrial revolution has done compared to those before it. The lack of dedicated indie web3 fashion collector DAOs is a massive missed opportunity to date.

We are here to change that.

DIGITALAX is stewarding the launch of the Web3 Renaissance Council and federated formation of indie web3 fashion collector DAOs.

These collector DAOs will cultivate the indie designer network and an entire economy of tools, services, guidance, and capital savvy.

  • Eliminate the cold start problem for each designer
  • Bypass significant obstacles for entry into the market
  • Save hundreds of thousands of dollars in engineering capital
  • Bypass the need for significant engineering fluency outside of their core competencies to effectively evaluate reliable engineering talent in the high stakes solidity smart contract developer field

Under this initiative, 13 Council seats will be instantiated for Web3 Renaissance Patrons, who will serve as overarching beacons for the designers, buyers, fabricators, collectors and all who are pioneering the web3 fashion movement. One of these 13 seats is reserved for the head steward of this initiative to guide, lead and maintain the coordination, scale up, and infrastructure development for movement.

  • The council will engage in liquidity provision for market making activity.
  • The council will cultivate and coordinate inter DAO min/max squad purchasing activity for power leveling of mutual prominence in rapidly expanding markets.
  • The council will feature assets in the indie web3 fashion market — from designers to works to other infrastructure accelerants.
  • The council will also coordinate and vote on the further evolution of their role within the market and the potential expansion of seats within the council.

Each council seat is represented by an ultra rare NFT, where these NFTs will be available for purchase on the open market at an instant buy price of 100ETH.

The NFT grants all holders;

  • An allocation of $MONA, $W3F and spread of ERC-20 fashion, gaming and metaverse tokens launched through the protocol stack and ecosystem.
  • Additional rare NFTs brought forth under this initiative will be included as well.
  • Governance weight within the W3MI & iW3Fi indexes for curation, rebalancing and liquidity provision.

1. Defining Luxury for the iW3Fi

Delegate selection from within the GDN for the definition of high end metaverse ready luxury goods and commodities to then be included in the iW3Fi.

2. Mass onboarding through web3 fashion digital + IRL fabrication with explicit squad wealth power leveling mechanic.

Opening the frontier for designers increasing their depth of range and understanding of what mediums and tools are available to them for fabricating metaverse ready, utility enabled fashion, coordinating and streamlining activity between designers launching realms to the market.

As part of the squad powerleveling patron role of the council, seat holders have the coordinated right to select indie designers with significant untapped latent potential for a rapid level up. This is exercised by including their selections as small % participants in winning party bids for high value NFTs, led by the council. This applies the min/max and power levelling game dynamics where high ranking players party up with new and low ranking players in order to significantly raise their rank in a wide variety of open world genre leaderboards. This mechanic brings the added benefit of training the designers through mentored deliberate practice in the importance of peer-2-peer creation and collection activity. Growing the degree to which designers give back to each other, and by extension the strength of the broader market by leaps with each successful squad run.

Council members gain a fiercely loyal community in return for their guidance, leadership, and shared sense of prestige.

3. Physical to Digital Bridge

Supporting the expansion of traditional physical fashion designers, studios and brands into the digital medium with custom collection releases.

4. Gaming Skins

Moneyball metrics for identifying fast rising games and players for gaming skins integrations and partnerships.

5. Wardrobe Unlockables for Council Members

Council members will receive additional airdrops and NFT experiences from many of the activities brought forth. This will include digital and physical wardrobe collections for accessorising and enhancing an ultra rare PFP. The first drop being boutique phygital metaverse genesis glasses — custom made per seat.

The Web3 Renaissance Council (W3RC) extends throughout the commons of the market, dedicated to the underlying rapid scale up of infrastructure growth as demand for web3 fashion spikes. The benefits of self-sovereign social coordination tooling lead directly to a threshold being crossed sooner than anyone can predict, where no one even remembers what it was like to live without what we quickly take for granted.

It is the interaction between the W3RC and the federation of collector DAOs that gives mainstream members of society their well guided path into a part in ownership and governance throughout this massive multiplayer scale up.

We will be announcing the first of these formatted collector DAOs in the coming weeks, each with their own unique flavour, perspectives and tastes as collectors into the market.

These collector DAOs will engage by becoming direct patrons of the upstart, new indie web3 fashion brands and labels that they most align with and believe in, as well as buying up and collecting indie web3 fashion NFTs.

— —

This is a big next step for the market as the bottom up buy side gains strength, one of the most important things in truly peer 2 peer decentralised economies. To take a page from web1 and web2, as Amazon knows all too well, the long tail of commerce is far greater in reach and profit than even the most renowned mainstream or luxury brands, a lesson Nike could serve to learn well and all of us should keep in mind as we decentralise commerce much further.

These DAO based NFTs for the W3RC and individual collector DAOs will be released under the patrons platform later this week. Stay tuned for more.

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