What is Atocha? The most exciting profitable puzzle game of 2022


Atocha was created with the dual goal of allowing creators and players to monetize their passion and empowering them to control and own their platform.

Over time, the puzzle game market has changed dramatically. Over 10,000 puzzle websites, thousands of apps, and dozens of puzzle TV shows may be found all over the world. Our psychological drive to create order and structure in an increasingly complex and unexplained environment explains our fascination with puzzles and riddles, but it is also our intrinsic ability of creative thinking and curiosity that propels us forward in all facets of human society.

Atocha acknowledges the relevance and value of quizzes and puzzles and provides a system that allows producers and solvers to participate in this pleasant and exciting activity in a way that is most helpful to them.

Atocha is a Decentralized Puzzle Game Protocol that is built for the curious, challenged loving, and brave people around the world. 

There will be 4 main users category on Atocha Protocol. The categorization will be based on the ratio from the minority to the majority.

What is the project trying to achieve?

The Puzzle Game Creators

The Creators are the rarest group of people who are very into creating puzzles with their knowledge and resources. At some point, some of the creators are anonymous but the puzzle that is created by this group of creators is very well known like Cicada 3301, Project Architeuthis, Cyphinx, Can You Crack it, and The Codebreaker Challenge.
Atocha Protocol is able to provide both the anonymity of a creator while having the same level of access to all the toolsets to create a comprehensive puzzle game. The Creators will be always the main recruiting target for Atocha Protocol as the team believes that good puzzles are the best asset for the community

The Puzzle Game Enthusiasts

The Enthusiasts are avid puzzle gamers that mainly reside in European countries and North America. The Enthusiasts will be at least participating in one of the local physical or online puzzle game clubs, subscribing to puzzle game-related magazines, and having average spending of $150 USD per annum on puzzle games like riddle solving treasure hunting.

The Regular Puzzle Gamers

Based on Facebook Ad Tool (Dec 2021), the population that is interested in “Puzzle” related topics like Puzzle games, Riddle, Brain Teasers, Trivia, Treasure Hunt, etc consists of an estimated 600mil people. This population will be the next target users that Atocha Protocol is aiming to onboard.

The Online Gamers

When Atocha Protocol successfully launches all the puzzle gaming functionality on the mainnet, the team will expand towards an online multiplayer social game like Among Us, Werewolves, etc. Atoch Protocol will provide a toolset and join forces with developers around the world to create and launch those types of games. With that, there will be limitless possibilities of games that Atocha Protocol can facilitate and host. In other words, the community of Atocha Protocol can further expand into more genres of online gaming.

What is the unique selling point?

  • Atocha Protocol enables Play to Earn (P2E) & Create to Earn (C2E) features for the community through the blockchain protocol.
  • Atocha Protocol is built to be a community-owned protocol and to be operated by puzzle game enthusiasts through DAO which focuses on creating fair and fun puzzle games.
  • Atocha Protocol is a Web3.0 app chain proudly built on Octopus Network, a Near Protocol sidechain. Atocha Protocol will provide an NFT toolset to make next-generation multiplayer online games.
  • Atocha Protocol will provide an NFT toolset to make next-generation multiplayer online games.


  • May 2021: Project Ideation 
  • June 2021: Website Atocha.io kickstarted
  • August 2021: Project Initiated 
  • September 2021: Testnet connects to Octopus Network This chart shows the components. Atocha Protocol Whitepaper 19 
  • November 2021: Seed Round Fundraising 
  • December 2021: Octopus Accelerator Program Batch 1, Octopus Star Prize Recipient, Seed Round Closed 
  • January 2022: Launch Webapp Demo, Strategic Round Fundraising 
  • February 2022: Octopus Network Mainnet Registration for Audit 
  • March 2022: Mainnet launch on Octopus network 
  • April 2022: Skyward Finance IDO, $ATO Listing 
  • Q2 2022: Collaboration projects with Near Protocol ecosystem, Onboard Brand Sponsors for Puzzle Games, Setting Up Metaverse Puzzle Game with Collaborative Partners 
  • Q3 2022: Puzzle Game Guild Establishment, Onboarding Puzzle Game Dapps 
  • Q4 2022: Atocha Protocol 2.0 NFT Puzzle Capability Developmentinteraction & relationship of Atocha Protocol (in yellow) with on-chain and off-chain

Token Metrics

  • Token Name: ATOCHA
  • Ticker: ATO
  • Blockchain: NEAR
  • Token Standard: NEP141 
  • Token Type: Utility, Governance
  • Total Supply: 100,000,000

Token Allocation

Token Release Schedule

Token Use Case

$ATO has 3 utility functions:

  1. Interaction with the Protocol – Every interaction with the protocol like creating a puzzle, submitting an answer, trigger a challenge will have a gas fee charged based on the action taken. The gas fee will be contributed to the Treasury which will then be rewarded to the Validators.
  2. Puzzle Rewards – Every puzzle can be sponsored with any amount of $ATO as Reward. The Sponsor can be Creators, Solvers, or Users that are not participating in the puzzle. $ATO will be the only form of Reward that is being accepted in the Protocol.
  3. The Incentive for Good Behaviour – By participating in an Effective Puzzle, the creators and solvers will have the opportunity to get sponsored with $ATO by the Team.


Our team is small but agile, came from different countries and backgrounds, and believes in the future of blockchain and how it is going to change our daily life.

Atocha recognizes the importance and value of puzzles and riddles and put in place a system to make it easy for puzzle/riddle creators and solvers alike to engage in this rewarding and stimulating activity in the most profitable way.

Find more information about: Atocha

Website: https://atocha.io

Whitepaper: https://atocha.io/wp-content/atocha-io/atocha-protocol-whitepaper-20220422.pdf

Twitter: https://twitter.com/AtochaProtocol

Telegram: https://t.me/atochacommunity

If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, or ideas about the project, please email [email protected].

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