What is Galaxy War ( $GWT, $DARK )? A Cross-Chain NFT Gaming Adventure


Galaxy War is a Defi +NFT space strategy classic game on OKEX Chain — compete against thousands of other players for supreme control of the universe!

Galaxy War is a space strategy classic NFT game that combines DeFi and Multichain to create a fun experience for players. Players will be competing against thousands of other players across various chains for ultimate control of the Multiverse.

Everything starts from the base of a small colony on an uninhabited planet. Harnessing the resources of their new home with their own tactical talents, players will research new technologies and build a powerful fleet to exercise their dominion over the stars.

In the process, they will meet and trade with other civilizations while searching for treasures and boundless sources of power from the vast universe.


Each new player must choose one of the3 races (Sidell, Yudak, Mita) and get a base.


Developed from Sidel Industries, a powerful enterprise, the Sidel Empire was the first empire to be established in the universe and it is also the largest one at present.

In terms of governance, Yudak Empire currently adopts a democratic republic system much like those used by early human civilizations. For more than 200 years the Empire always pay attention to national stability and democracy for the people

Mita Empire is located on the edge of the known universe. Being seen as energetic liberals, Mita people have always adhered to and supported the principles of freedom and human rights protection Rather than war over energy, they are more interested in exploring the deep universe.


Heroes have different abilities. The powerful hero can make the difference between winning and losing battles.

  • Matrix (Increase percentage of ship shield)

They rely on the matrix for a constant supply of energy. They are said to be immortal. As long as the matrix exists, it can exist as an energy body. Their technology has evolved to the top of the galaxy.

  • Technical Pioneer ( Increase percentage of ship defense)

The pioneers of science and technology had a supreme reverence for science. They were born to explore space. Space is their home. They won’t pass up a chance to explore a corner of the galaxy. It was a great honor for them to command the fleet.

  • Terminator ( Increase percentage of ship durability)

They were destined to be killing machines from the moment they were created. They do not need any material or energy supply to operate in space.No mercy, no compassion. Any fleet that goes out with a Terminator will be a huge boost.

  • Bounty Hunters ( Increase percentage of ship attack)

In such a developed modern science and technology, it is amazing to hide such ancient occupation. Brutal training makes them believe only in power, not in any high-tech obsession. Any fleet that looks down on them will pay a heavy price.

  • Eternals ( Increase resource productivity)

The Eternals are an evolutionary offshoot of humanity gifted with amazing powers and abilities to look after the human race throughout the ages. They have power beyond technology. Throughout the millennia, the Eternals built great cities, including their current base.


Starships are the most important part of the game. Players build ships and send them to battle.

  • Merlin: The Merlin’s offensive capabilities have evolved from versatile, jack-of-all-trades attack patterns into focused and deadly gunfire tactics.
  • Breacher: The Breacher’s structure is little more than a fragile scrapheap, but the ship’s missile launcher hardpoints and superior sensors have placed it among frigates when it comes to long range combat.
  • Heron: The Heron has good computer , giving it the option of participating in electronic warfare. But it has relatively poor defenses and limited weaponry
  • Traveler: The Traveler is highly specialized in the interception of hostile fleets. High mobility is what makes it most difficult for opponents.
  • Executioner: The Executioner is different from most ships in favoring speed over defenses. With the Executioner, We expanded the tactical capabilities on the battlefield.
  • Cruiser: Cruisers are armored almost three times as heavily as heavy fighters and have more than twice the firepower. In addition, they are very fast.
  • Battleship: Battleships form the backbone of a fleet. Their heavy cannons, high speed, and large cargo holds make them opponents to be taken seriously.
  • Tormentor: The Tormentor‘s strong defenses always made it a tough opponent to crack, and with damage output, its lasers have through the hulls of hapless vessels in combat.
  • Destroyer: The destroyer is the king of the warships.It brings war and death wherever it goes, and no rival can underestimate its destructive power.
  • Colonier: The Colonier’s purpose is no longer simply to destroy enemy ships, but to target planets. The weak planets of the galaxy are vulnerable to them.
  • Burster: It offensive capabilities in favor of greater defensive potential and stronger armor plating. A tough nut to crack.
  • Cruor: Mottled and shaped like a leech, the Cruor presents a fitting metaphor for the Blood Raiders’ philosophy.They play an intriguing role in more standard ones.
  • Crucifier: The Crucifier was first designed as an explorer, but the current version employs the electronic equipment originally intended for scientific studies for more offensive purposes.
  • Deathstar: The destructive power of the death star is unsurpassed. The entire galaxy should have a hard time finding a rival.


  • Expedition(PvE)
  • Plunder(PvP)
  • Arena
  • Darkzone(PvPvE)

What is the project trying to achieve?

Recognizing this current gap, they wanted to change this reality for gamers and thus, GalaxyWar was born. GalaxyWar is a blockchain game that was built to have all the necessary components to capture the attention of players, while not losing out on the exciting gameplay of taking over the multiverse. These new features allow players to employ their tactical genius and harness their colonies for a profit that can be carried into the physical world.

Galaxy War is a simulation game inspired by traditional games like Minecraft, EVE, Roblox, and more. The team’s goal is to provide players worldwide with an ever-expanding Metaverse product that integrates many game elements such as simulation operations, starship battles, and planet collections.

What is unique selling point?

  • Build economic and military infrastructure
  • Charge into battle for valuable resources
  • Arm your fleet with your heroes and consolidate your strength
  • Mine resources or plunder them from other players
  • Trade with other peaceful civilizations
  • Forge alliances and attack other planets in concert

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