What is Hydraverse ($HDV)? A metaverse play-to-earn PVP dragon racing game


Today, the wave of blockchain gaming and NFT is blooming in the crypto world. With the pulse of Crypto projects, Hydraverse, an open-world adventure online role-playing game project Metaverse with eye-catching 3D graphics will be released in Q4 2021.

Hydraverse is a metaverse play-to-earn PVP dragon racing game. Players get the chance to open the dragon eggs, which later create unique dragons. These dragons can partake in the race and receive rewards for winning prizes. Players can also generate value by renting their own dragons or displaying them in the exhibition park.

What is the project trying to achieve?


The core team aims to inspire players with stories of dragon trainers overcoming challenges and spread blockchain knowledge together with play-to-earn chances to the global community.


Hydraverse has a positive and lasting influence on peoples’ lives while opening play-to-earn gaming activities and economic opportunities for the sustained community. And are confident can build up an inclusive metaverse ecosystem & achieve NFT play-to-earn industry leadership in the near future.

The combination of Dragon racing x 3D NFT x Metaverse

Hydraverse follows the traditional racing game. However, the character is one-of-a-kind. These are the dragons that you yourself look after, spend time playing and training, especially the dragons will be strongly motivated when receiving a high happiness rate, which will then result partly in the win rate.

NFT games are all the hype lately, with prices and the number of users skyrocketing. Hydraverse believes in the level-up power of the game by integrating Blockchain, letting players have verifiable ownership of the non-fungible in-game assets.

Hydraverse will also blend in the current wave of so-called “metaverse” gaming, providing a digital world in which players can navigate their dragons.

What is unique selling point?

Character in-game

Dragon is the central character in the game that brings players huge economic opportunities. Each dragon has the following statistics:

  • Movement speed: Affects race results.
  • Strength: Effects when 2 dragons compete with each other.
  • Endurance: The longer the race is, the more durable dragons will benefit and can endure well in harsh environments.
  • Speed when accelerating (available only upon awakening)
  • Diving time (available only upon awakening): In some terrains, good driving skills would enable the dragons to go faster. It is when diving time really matters.
  • Attraction: The attractive dragons will earn a lot of money when being displayed in Hydra Park.
  • Happiness: Players who take care of the dragon sufficiently will increase the happiness stat, which will result in a win rate.
  • Sex: King or Queen.
  • Level: Max level: 40, when you upgrade, the level restarts from 0.
  • The number of stars: from 1 to 5 stars.
  • Awakened or not: Awaken dragons to increase stats and body form changes.
  • Energy: Default 20, 30 when awakening. Energy will decrease by 3 when being trained in Normal mode, by 10 in Lazy mode, increasing 1 energy every 30 minutes.

Game Flow


Dragon Egg

Players obtain Dragons through direct purchase of dragons or through hatching Dragon Eggs. There are 3 types of dragon eggs:

  • Normal eggs: hatch dragons from 1-3 stars
  • Epic Eggs: hatch 3-5 star dragons
  • Legendary Egg: Hatch a 4-5 star dragon 


In addition to practicing racing for dragons, players also need to care about dragons by taking care of them:

  • Feed the dragon: ++exp
  • Bathing the dragon: ++happiness
  • Have fun, tease the dragon: ++happiness
  • The happiness index will affect the dragon’s performance, so players need to pay attention to dragons regularly, especially before each race.

Dragon Training

Players complete their tasks, train the dragons to level up in the training area. So training tasks are like a mini-game in which the player could level up their dragons by increasing the experience points. On the training racecourse, it’s also totally possible to earn some HDVs. The training turn is limited each day, but then players can purchase it in the shop.

Dragon Racing

With 1 of the dragons they own or hire as their representative, players can choose and participate in one of 3 racecourses as follow:

  • Realtime racing: This is a P2P model in which the player’s dragon will race with 6 other dragons. Then during the race, the player will control his dragon to avoid obstacles, can use acceleration to rush into other opponents causing the dragon to deviate from its trajectory and slow down, experience scuba diving, being blind (not seeing anything) when passing through dense clouds. Or rainstorms require growers to have high water resistance and durability to maintain their flight speed.
  • Offline racing: Player’s dragon could join the race automatically and get results based on blockchain technology even offline.
  • Hourly racing: Each racetrack has a fixed race time of the day, and the number of dragons racing at the same time can reach hundreds with the prize money also increasing a lot.

Players can own dragon racecourses over time by renting them for a long time. The owner of the racecourse will receive the commission rate of other people participating in the race.

Dragon Exhibition

As the living area of all your dragons, each dragon in this area will generate 1 value over time. The park also includes the following components:

  • Fountain: Dragons located in the stream can level up. The stream contains the dragon limit.

Hydra Cup

Every year HydraVerse will hold a Hydra Cup race in December. The tournament brings together hundreds of riders selected through weekly and monthly races.

Each week, the 9 best riders in the system are selected to participate in the monthly rate.

The monthly race will include 36 races divided into 6 different tables in the form of a random draw. The top 6 from each group will advance to the monthly finals, with the winner going to the HydraCup at the end of December of that year.

The final round of the year includes the 12 strongest racers gathered at the epic racetrack. 12 riders will be divided into 4 groups of 3 riders each. The 4 winners of the group stage will participate in the 1 vs 1 confrontation round. The two winning teams continue to the final match to choose who will win the HydraCup.

Dragon for rent

Any dragon owners can rent dragons through the Promising HDV, that they only need to post information about dragons, rental prices, and rental periods, the system will provide this information to those wishing to rent dragons. 

There are two types of rentals:

  • A fixed price rental: the dragon owners will post a dragon rental for a fixed price, for a fixed period of time. If the tenant agrees to that price, they will rent.
  • Reward-sharing rental: tenants do not have to pay fees when renting dragons, but will share some of their rewards through dragon races.

Racecourse for rent

The racecourse is owned by the publisher and players can rent the racecourse long-term. Players go to the racecourse rental area, choose the racetrack and the rental period to be hired, by this way the player will have the following benefits:

  • Enjoy 70% participant fees from races
  • There are rankings for the number of racers participating in the racetrack, the race that leads the rankings will receive a reward.
  • Racecourse owners can invite other dragon breeders to race, or offer more attractive policies to attract riders such as increasing the leader’s reward or giving rewards to more riders. time….


Each dragon can be represented in reality via AR (augmented reality). Players can click on the dragon and show the view in reality through the camera. Or generate a QR code to send to friends, friends can also view their dragons in reality through that code.

Players can experience the feeling of reality (VR) through the perspective of their own dragon. Put on your glasses for a better experience and see your dragon speed up to overcome other opponents or feel the vibrations when 2 dragons collide…


Key metrics 

  • Token Name: Hydraverse
  • Ticker: HDV
  • Blockchain: BSC
  • Token Standard: BEP-20
  • Contract: Updating…
  • Token type: Utility
  • Total Supply: 500.000.000 HDV
  • Circulating Supply: $401.000

Token allocation

Token release schedule

Token use case

Users can become a Hydraverser by:

  • Purchasing HDVs and support the Hydraverse project at seed round, private round and public sales round
  • Purchasing HDVs from other Hydraverser on exchanges
  • Joining Reward programs to receive HDVs as rewards

HDV will be used directly or indirectly in Hydraverse to

  • Stake HDVs or join farming pools to earn attractive APYs
  • Hire NFT dragons to join racing games
  • Buy breeding and training packages to improve NFT dragon stats and increase chances to win races
  • Pay racing fee
  • Buy racing courses with the NFT mechanism acting as your title of ownership. Racing courses can be monentised by renting with transactions using HDV tokens or selling with transactions using BUSD/BNB tokens.
  • Challenge bigger winning prizes in the games
  • In some cases, tokens gained will be burned to balance the economy of Hydraverse.

Users can hold NFT by

  • Buying NFT was initially offered at NFT marketplaces. Money raised by the Initial NFT offering campaigns will be used for Farm pools and support Hydraverse economy.
  • Joining Reward programs to receive NFTs as rewards
  • Buying NFT from other holders at NFT marketplaces

Token sale

How to own the token?

Buy HDV on BinStarter & EnjinStarter Launchpad 

Users can earn HDV in the game by

  • Joining the racing games and winning the races
  • Renting NFT dragons and NFT racing courses
  • Staking HDVs or joining farm pools
  • Joining NFT dragons exhibitions
  • Completing daily tasks such as feeding dragons, participating in races …


Hydraverse has crossed the mark of 105,000 Followers on Twitter

Team/ Founders



With the aim of inspiring players with stories of dragon trainers overcoming challenges and spreading blockchain knowledge and Play-To-Earn opportunities to the community. The Hydraverse ecosystem is the perfect combination of traditional racing games and NFT games with the most trending metaverse experience.

Find more information about Hydraverse:

Website: https://hydraverse.io/

Twitter: https://mobile.twitter.com/hydraverse_io

Telegram: https://t.me/hydraverseofficial

If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, or ideas about the project, please email [email protected].

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