What is World of Defish ($WOD)? A decentralized NFT gaming universe running on BSC where players immerse themselves in the delightful underwater universe.


World of Defish is an exciting play-to-earn underwater metaverse powered by NFTs and blockchain technology. Meta-anglers will be able to jump into an immersive gaming experience, earning tokens and hooking valuable NFT fish across the seven seas.

World of Defish is a decentralized, play-to-earn, NFT gaming universe built on the Binance Smart Chain where brave and adventurous fishermen cant set forth on a journey to search for the highly desired NFT fish! When the fish are caught players can stake for passive income, sell on the Defish Market, or even use them as bait to catch rarer NFT fish! Fishermen will even be able to purchase NFT zones where fishing can earn passive income from all the catch that takes place in their NFT territory! Every item in-game, such as fishing equipment and fish, have their own characteristics, quality, and rarity.

With the care for best gaming quality in mind, World of Defish offers players the astonishing NFT world where they can set off their journey to the seven seas to look for the desired NFT fish. Brave fishermen can upgrade their equipment and skills to improve fishing production. If the Fishermen don’t have too much time on their hands, buying territories to earn passive income would surely be the way to go. Competitions and trading are also available to those who want to maximize their hard-earned profit. World of Defish has got you all covered.

What is the project trying to achieve?

They introduce to the world the wonders of World of DeFish. It is their ultimate goal to give you the best gaming experience and uppermost security. With the aim of delivering on the above missions, they have assembled an expert team of developers, founders, product managers, and passionate individuals to make sure World of DeFish can realize its missions.

They are also proud to announce that Phoenix VC, a leading blockchain capital venture, has made a strategic investment in World of Defish.

Word of Defish thrilled to onboard and bind a strategic investment from Phoenix VC. This investment will actively support the early-stage development of the project and accelerate their progress in marketing and development initiative



To embark on their fishin’ mission, players will need equipment and consumables. A player’s token earnings and the quality of fish they’re able to hook will depend on their level and the rarity and quality of their equipment.

Equipment in World of Defish consists of three categories. The categories are Main (5 slots), which consists of Rod, Reel, Line, Hook and Float, Auxiliary (5 slots), which includes Lures/Bait, Bite Indicators, Fish Feeders Box, Cargo and Optional Equipment and Special (2 slots), which includes Boat and Net.

Each piece of equipment features its own level, attributes and rarity (Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, Legendary or Artifact) and will be upgradeable through usage. The more equipment is used, the more EXP it will earn, thus creating more opportunities to upgrade it.

Players will have the ability to acquire equipment on the World of Defish marketplace, from other players or through participation in other game activities, or crafting.

All the fish that players will be able to catch in the game are NFTs. Gamers will be able to use the available World of Defish map to discover which fish are present in each region, along with their average rarity, and how many players are fishing in the area at the time.

Fish are divided into four different zones, Oceanic, Marine, River, and Lake and have a 1–10/10 based quality rating and fit into one of six rarity categories, Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, Legendary, Artifact, ranked from low to high. Some fish will be available in all zones, while others will only be available in some map regions.

A player’s skills and equipment quality will determine the frequency and rarity of their Defish angling success. The most valuable fish will generally be in the central parts of the waters, which will require a boat in order for players to get there.

Gamers will be able to sell their fish NFTs on the marketplace, use them as bait for opportunities to snag better quality fish and loot, or stake them to earn $WOD (the native in-game token). The higher the quality and rarity of the fish, the more it will earn. A new limited supply NFT fish collection will be available each month.

Players can fish in different areas of the map, and earn $WOD. The amount of earnings depends on the level of the player, the rarity, and the quality of his equipment.

What is unique selling point?

  • The rank system will allow players to compete with each other and will open a competitive segment in the game.
  • Crafting mechanics for players who are not ready to invest money in the game, but are ready to invest their time.
  • Guild system to support and form a powerful community around the World of Defish brand

Each game item in the inventory and fish has its own characteristics, quality, and rarity, which will additionally determine the rarity and value of the item and its impact on the game.


Key metrics 


  • Token Name: World of Defish
  • Ticker: WOD
  •  Blockchain: BSC
  • Token Standard: BEP-20
  • Contract: 0x4a278bf244f6efea9f7580c47d0ac96b8592afd5
  •  Token type: Utility
  • Total Supply: 1, 000, 000, 000
  •  Circulating Supply: 14,000,000

Token allocation

Token release Schedule

Token use case

  • Selling your NFT fish on the marketplace.
  • Using the fish you get as bait. Fishing with bait is more efficient and gives an increased chance of getting better quality and rarity loot. After using the fish as bait, it is removed from the inventory.
  • Staking your NFT fish and get APY.

Token sale


  • IDO COMING SOON: 30 DEC — 30 DEC 2021
  • IDO price: $0.026
  • Hard Cap: $150,000
  • Lock-up: 20% TGE, then 15% for 6 months
  • Tokens For Sale: 5,769,231


  • IDO COMING SOON: 28 DEC — 28 DEC 2021
  • IDO price: $0.026
  • Hard Cap: $270,000
  • Lock-up: 15% at TGE, then 12.14% each month for 7 months
  • Tokens For Sale: 10,384,615

How to own the token?

$WOD IDO, will begin on December 27th 2021. There will be four launchpads supporting the IDO: Poolz, Seedify, BSCPad and GameZone.

Each IDO partner has its own process, to make things helpful, we have shared them all here:

December 27th: Full details on the Poolz IDO is here.

December 28th: Full details on the Seedify IGO is here.

December 29th: Full details on the BSCPad IGO is here.

December 29th: Full details on the GameZone IGO is here.

All launches will be held on our partners’ third-party platforms. For any specific questions not detailed in the guidance given here, please contact your launchpad of choice for help.

On Poolz:

To be eligible to participate in the IDO whitelist, you must hold POOLZ tokens, qualify under poolz staking criteria and participate in the tasks model. The winner wallets will be posted 24 hours before the IDO time on the Poolz website.

According to:

1. Top 100, you will get guaranteed allocation in the upcoming IDOs & Pre IDOs.

2. 250 staked Poolz = 250 Leaderboard points (1 Lottery tickets) wallets that only holds $POOLZ are not counted on the leaderboard.

POOLZ tokens can be locked in ERC-20 network as well as in BEP-20.


On the marketplace, a place where fishermen from all over the World of Defish come to sell their catch, buy new equipment before a big fishing trip, or take a closer look at new areas that are on sale.

Everything a fisherman of any level can wish is available on Defish Market. Legends say that there is a secret, hidden market that only opens its doors to the most worth fishermen.


World of Defish has crossed the mark of 62,300 Followers on Twitter.

Team/ Founders


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