Why DIGITALAX declines the invite to Decentraland Metaverse Fashion Week with a Public Announcement


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It’s unfortunate, but after some new information came to light, the DIGITALAX ecosystem has turned down this invitation.

Before we say why we are not participating, let’s make clear why it is important to make this announcement publicly, before there is any confusion.

There is a very short list of people that we have worked with that we will never work with again, and unfortunately, David Cash and his entourage are firmly on that list.

We did not know until a few days ago that if we were to take up the invitation that we would be filtered through David Cash or at best a handful of other middleman and agents directly connected to him, that who regardless are all taking an agency, middleman and big brand orientated perspective to this entire endeavor.

It is far too easy for anyone to come from a web2 closed centralised mindset and wrap themselves in the clothing of web3.

While we have nothing at all against Decentraland itself, and in fact, have worked with them in the past and probably will in the future, we do think that it is important and valuable for others in the space to hear that the planning for this event could have been handled better.

  1. Have a healthier balance between the big brands that often help early stage platforms gain sufficient funding, attention and traction, and the indie pioneers truly leading the way in web3 fashion and the open metaverse.

That is our opinion, and like anyone else in this broader market dedicated to self sovereign networks, Decentraland’s leadership is entitled to their own.

Likewise, every designer in the Global Designer Network & broader DIGITALAX ecosystem of complementary realms, marketplaces and creators and collectors, is also beautifully empowered by web3— unlike the previous systems of centralised control that we are here to break away from— to formulate their own decisions about who to work with, when and why.

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