Will 2022 Be the Year of the Duck After ‘Meme-Dogs’ Fame Fizzles out?


While the year 2021 belonged to ‘dog’ themed meme-tokens, will 2022 belong to the year of the ducks? Rich Quack token is increasingly gaining popularity and is penetrating the meme-market making more investors jump in on its bandwagon.

Meme-tokens took centerstage in 2021 and outpaced giants Bitcoin and Ethereum in terms of Google searches. The meme-currencies even became the most talked about on social media and made their way into mainstream news outlets. Tokens such as Dogecoin, Shiba Inu, Dogelon Mars, BabyDoge Coin among others stole the limelight becoming the most loved tokens.

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One thing that 2021 thought us is that the more visibility a meme-token gets, the higher are its chances of survival. Dogecoin gained popularity overnight after Tesla CEO Elon Musk invested in it and repeatedly tweeted and mentioned it in interviews. Doge, which was less than a Cent in January 2021 breached the 1 Cent mark and touched $0.71 in May.

The rise of Dogecoin was phenomenal and made early investors (who held on to their holdings) millionaires. Dogecoin’s popularity made way for other meme-coins to enter the stage and chalk out a path of their own.

However, Dogecoin’s popularity slowly fizzled out as the meme-token failed to spike in price post-May, 2021. In fact, Doge struggled to even breach the $0.25 mark for six months straight and tested the patience of investors.

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That is when Dogecoin’s rival Shiba Inu stepped in and stole its limelight during the second half of the year. SHIB grew massively from June 2021 and investments flew in from all corners of the world.

Shiba Inu did not fizzle out like Dogecoin as its price sustainably scaled up and kept investors content with their holdings.

Will Rich Quack Dominate the Meme-token Market in 2022?

The lesson to be learnt here is, SHIB survived because its price spiked sustainably over the months. However, Dogecoin’s fame fizzled out simply because it failed to repeat its ‘phenomenal February to May’ rise and slumped thereafter.

Rich Quack can dominate the meme-market if Shiba Inu’s hype fizzles out in 2022, the same way how Doge’s hype died down in 2021.

For that to happen, Rich Quack needs to show a constant growth trajectory for most of the months in 2022. QUACK also needs to work on adding real-world use-cases and make retailers accept it as a form of payment.

Rich Quack token needs to rise in a similar fashion to how Dogecoin and Shiba Inu shot up in 2021. If QUACK can repeat the same, it could be the star of 2022 and topple the ‘dog’ themed-tokens. So will Rich Quack make way for the ‘duck’ rule in 2022? Only time will tell.

At the time of publishing, Rich Quack (QUACK) was trading at $0.000000002703 and is down -1.7% in the days trade.

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