Win Santa Themed NFTs and Chick Rewards


Ho Ho Ho! SantaChick is coming to the New Chick Land in the LoserChick game to give special NFTs and amazing rewards.

A little turkey named Andy had a crazy dream on Christmas Eve, dreaming that he had turned into a Santa Claus and was being worshipped by people while tossing gifts from the sky.

Andy wakes up and decides to dress like a Santa Claus. He put on a Santa hat, glued on a big beard, carried a pack of people’s favorite NFTs and gift boxes.

He picked a towering chimney to go inside in style and gift people and jumped into it without knowing that the chimney was hot due to a burning fire.

Soon, he leaped out from the chimney with a scream and burning ass. Thus he became a famous Smokey SantaChick.

This funny scene was captured by people passing by, and they uploaded his picture on Twitter. Andy’s picture became a viral meme on the internet and was declared the best Christmas picture of the year.

24–12–2021 09:00AM – 29–12–2021 09:00AM UTC+0

▪️ ShriekingChick – 1 NFT

▪️ LuckyChick – 1 NFT

▪️ LaborChick – 3 NFTs

▪️ BossChick – 13 NFTs

▪️ TrumpChick – 133 NFTs

The Santa ShriekingChick will be born during the first 2 hours, which is precisely the same as previous ShriekingChick Events. The remaining Santa themed NFTs will born randomly throughout the event.

Extra bonus for all of the themed NFTs: equally share a reward pool of 6000 CHICK according to the themed NFT number you own, no matter what tier it is.

The rewards will be sent within 48 hours after it ends.

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