Winter Holidays in Snowflake Island NFT Sale Recap


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Hey, Neighbors!

Our latest NFT sale took place on January 10th, and once again demand was off the charts! We are so lucky to have an enthusiastic community who take part in every event.

The Buying Format Has Changed!

The Winter Holidays sale marked the first MNA event using Binance’s new NFT Subscription Mechanism. This change was discussed in our AMA leading up to the event.

After the sale, some community members who were unaware of the change expressed some confusion. Since future sales will use the Subscription System, we want to make sure that everyone understands the differences between these two systems to make our next events as smooth as possible!

The Old FCFS Model

In the previous NFT sales, buyers raced to buy up all the available mystery boxes as soon as the sale window opened. This resulted in all the NFTs selling in seconds and many users feeling like they didn’t have a ‘fair chance’ to win.

The New Subscription Model

The fastest and most comprehensive way to understand the new system is to view Binance’s official article, What is Binance NFT Subscription Mechanism and How to Participate.

In short, users now sign up for events in advance, pledge to buy a desired number of mystery boxes, and are then selected using a lottery algorithm. This ensures that everyone who signs up has an equitable chance of purchasing NFTs.

What Will We Create Next?

As you know, we are always looking for opportunities to express our creativity and bring new NFT creations to the world of Lummelunda. With a very busy spring ahead, you can bet your bottom dollar we will have something fresh in the oven before you know it! Until next time neighbors!

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