Women are Breaking the Stereotype and Securing their Place in the Crypto Space

  • WEMP, an ERC20 token that aims to empower females across the world.
  • CryptoChicks help women learn about cryptocurrency and blockchain.

With the retail investing revolution, the Bitcoin boom, and NFTs skyrocketing to $11 billion in the third quarter, 2021 has been the year for digital expansion in the finance and tech world.

Despite the explosion in the investing space, a recent survey conducted in partnership with CNBC and Acorn found that only 7% of women invest in the stock market, compared to 16% of men. One of the main investing areas of gender disparity was found was the cryptocurrency market, where less than a third of investors were found to be women and only 4% were Black women.

As with the finance and tech sectors, the cryptocurrency space is no doubt a male-dominated area, but more and more women are staking their spot in the spotlight. Thanks to professionals like @crypto_chicks, @NFTgirl, and @BTCbombshell making a name for themselves on the cryptocurrency circuit, as well as more and more female NFT artists and collectors establishing themselves in the field, the male to female ratio is slowly but surely closing. Here we take a look at how women are helping close the gender gap in the crypto industry.


CryptoChicks, aka Elena Sinelnikova and Natalia Ameline, started when two software engineer friends and blockchain enthusiasts were navigating their way through the ins and outs of blockchain. That’s when they both thought of the idea to help other women wade through the often daunting space with confidence. What started from humble beginnings is now an international non-profit with events in 56 countries that help thousands of women increase their knowledge about cryptocurrency and learn about blockchain.

Crypto Mom

Another female famous for being a role model for women in the crypto space is SEC commissioner, Hester Peirce—aka “Crypto Mom”. Pierce plays the pivotal role of delivering regulatory frameworks for digital assets alongside chairman Gary Gensler within the male-centric US government organization SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission).

Crypto Mom has been in her position with the SEC for over five years and is slated to stay until at least 2025. The businesswoman is passionate about making crypto digestible for female investors. In a recent speech given at George Washington University Law School, Pierce said that she was optimistic about the future of the digital economy.

Although a work in progress with all the growing pains and rough edges that implies, DeFi’s promises of democratization, open access, transparency, predictability, and systemic resilience are alluring.

Bitcoin Bombshell

Shanah Walton, otherwise known as “Bitcoin Bombshell” is a native New Yorker and crypto event organizer that is passionate about organizing events for women to more easily navigate the minefield that can often be cryptocurrency.

Walton offers consultations, hosts webinars and provides a website where women can start their educational investment journey in easily accessible and digestible language. The entrepreneur’s end goal is to engage underrepresented communities with the digital currency, and increase distributed technologies like blockchain’s visibility as a valuable commodity, making it accessible to all.

Women Empowerment Token

Women Empowerment Token (WEMP) is another organization making cryptocurrency more accessible for women around the world. Specifically, WEMP is a community driven, decentralized, and deflationary ERC20 token that aims to empower females across the world and bridge the gender gap in the male-dominated industry.

Each month, WEMP’s community votes, chooses and donates to women entrepreneurs to support their businesses. It also provides free resources to assist women to learn more about cryptocurrency. WEMP has a strict female-only policy for its NFTs, only allowing NFTs created solely by women, encouraging and safe space for females in the space. It also provides free resources to women so they can bolster their crypto education.

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