XLM Rises by 11%; Excitement Grows Around QUBE


The crypto market is notorious for its volatile prices. The spotlight is currently on Stellar (XLM), which took center stage with an impressive 11% surge. As the excitement around Stellar builds up, another token gathering attention from investors and enthusiasts is $QUBE. This is thanks to its solid fundamentals, which lie at the convergence between AI and blockchain, and its explosive growth potential.

This article will delve into Stellar’s price uptick and the factors behind the recent surge. Additionally, $QUBE’s potential as a token of interest and one of the altcoins to watch in the crypto market will be explored.

InQubeta ($QUBE): The Innovative AI-Inspired Token

$QUBE is the native token of InQubeta, a novel project in the crypto landscape. As a blend of AI and blockchain, it aims to become the first crowdfunding platform for AI startups via cryptocurrency. Similarly, it also seeks to democratize access to the AI market, opening it up to all by utilizing NFTs and a fractional investment model. Hence, these have resulted in the growing excitement around $QUBE, with analysts identifying it as one of the best altcoins to buy now.

By building the first crowdfunding platform where AI startups can raise funds, it intends to reshape the idea of fundraising in the AI industry. Additionally, by democratizing access to the profitable AI market, the project has been met with enthusiasm within the crypto market. As a result, over $3 million has been raised in presales so far, as it continues its upward trajectory. This also makes the $QUBE token the best new crypto to invest in.

Besides being a novel platform where AI-based startups will be able to raise funds and investors can fractionally invest in lucrative AI ventures, the token has other allures. These include its deflationary nature and staking rewards. As a deflationary token, $QUBE will benefit from the scarcity effect caused by the burning of its tokens. The burn tax will remove 2% of all token sales and 1% of all purchases, thereby creating a scarcity effect. The potential impact on the token is a climb in its value over time, making it not only a viable investment for the near term but also for the long term.

Additionally, the opportunity to earn more passive income through staking is one of its many appeals. Token holders who stake their tokens can earn rewards from the dedicated staking pool, which will be topped up by the buy and sell taxes. This will be an addition to the returns that will come from the growth of investors’ holdings over time.

Meanwhile, the potential return to be made from holding the token is predicted to be staggering. According to top analysts, the token will soar by 3,000% before the end of the year. Hence, its current price of $0.0133 is a steal, considering its growth potential. Consequently, the $QUBE token represents one of the best cryptos to buy now.

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Stellar (XLM): Impressive 11% Surge in Price

Stellar (XLM) is a blockchain platform designed to facilitate fast and cost-effective cross-border payments. This peer-to-peer decentralized network was launched in 2015 to connect the world’s financial systems and ensure a protocol for payment providers. In summary, Stellar links people, banks, and payment processors while allowing users to create, send, and trade cryptocurrencies.

In recent developments, Stellar experienced a remarkable 11% surge in its price, with several key factors driving the uptick. This includes growing adoption and interest from institutional investors in addition to retailers. Additionally, the rise in sentiment is likened to the recent rally in the price of Stellar. With stronger rallies predicted in the coming weeks, Stellar is one of the best coins to invest in.


The crypto landscape is filled with excitement, considering the rise in the price of Stellar and the growing enthusiasm around $QUBE. This emerging token sits at the intersection of AI and blockchain and intends to democratize access to the AI market and reshape its fundraising landscape. Hence, the excitement around it, making it a top crypto to invest in.

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