Young and Rich: Top Crypto Entrepreneurs of the Year Under 35


The rapid development of the cryptocurrency market and the rise in the price of major crypto coins have created a whole class of young millionaires who have made their fortune, thanks to blockchain technologies.

With ambition, boldness, and determination, these entrepreneurs persist in conquering one business peak after another. We have collected the top crypto businessmen under 35, who became a real breakthrough of the outgoing 2021.

Anatoly Yakovenko, Solana

The entrepreneur from the CIS became famous all over the world. Thanks to his participation in the creation of the Solana decentralized blockchain platform. More than 400 companies already use Solana solutions, including Binance, Velas, Diablo, Gate, and many others.

Yakovenko considers himself a crypto-skeptic and does not believe in a bright future for cryptocurrencies. Nevertheless, he is confident in the promise of blockchain technologies that can significantly change the life of modern society.

In response to the question: “Will Solana become the killer of Ethereum,” Yakovenko himself replies that competition is not bad, but Solana is unlikely to be able to bypass such a giant as Ethereum in the near future.

Note that today the cost of the SOL token exceeds $216 and is ranked 5th in the CoinMarketCap. The total capitalization of the company exceeds $110 billion.

Iliya Biniaminov, Zamzam

A serial entrepreneur by the age of 33 has created more than 8 different businesses in areas such as IT, fintech, blockchain, and aerospace. The total capitalization of all his businesses exceeds $100 million and he is not going to stop there.

In 2021, one of his companies,, attracted investments from large venture capital funds. Additionally, in early summer, the team intensified work on the launch of the world’s first blockchain protocol zMorgan, which allows converting stock capital into cryptocurrency.

In November, the native token ZAM grew 23 times after listing on decentralized and centralized exchanges.’s market capitalization increased to $249 million.

Iliya Biniaminov said,

I believe that blockchain technology is the future, so I concentrate all my attention on the development of projects in the field of fintech and IT. The successful launch of proves once again that we are on the right track.

At the moment, Iliya lives in the capital of Azerbaijan, Baku. He speaks 6 foreign languages​​, and continues to improve his skills in business and management.

Today, more than 100 people from different countries of the world work in Iliya Biniaminov’s companies. He aims to expand the staff of professionals in the field of blockchain and cryptocurrencies next year.

Sergey Kunz, 1İNCH

Sergej Kunz is the Co-Founder of the 1inch Network, a distributed network of decentralized protocols that enable the fastest, most lucrative, and protected operations in major blockchain ecosystems.

From 2015 to 2019, Sergej worked for Mimacom consultancy where he ran projects for major customers, such as Bosch, Siemens and Porsche. After joining Porsche on a full-time basis, he gradually shifted towards cybersecurity.

Sergej’s first introduction to the crypto space dates back to 2012. After mining Ethereum for years, he launched a YouTube show, CryptoManiacs where he did live security audits of smart contracts. Anton Bukov, the 1inch Network’s eventual Co-Founder, soon joined him as a co-host.

At a May 2019 hackathon in New York City, over the course of 36 hours, Sergej and Anton developed a prototype crypto exchange aggregator that became the basis of the 1inch Network.

Anurag Arjun, Polygon

One of the three founders of Polygon (Matic) became one of India’s youngest millionaires. The crypto millionaire himself was born in Delhi and devoted his whole life to computer engineering and informatics. Anurag earned an MBA, specializing in information technology, and later worked with Deloitte and later with Welspun E-commerce.

In 2018, three programmers, including Anurag Arjun, created the Matic platform, which allows users to create various blockchain applications and games on its basis. For a long time, the company remained in the shadow of such market whales as Ethereum and gained popularity only in 2021 amid problems with the congestion of the Ethereum network.

Today Polygon is one of the most famous projects in the crypto market, and the implementation of the grant program helped the company to significantly expand its ecosystem. The capitalization of the project already exceeds $ 15 billion.

Mikhael Jerlis, EMCD

Michael’s entrepreneurial path began in 2014 with an attempt to create an analog of Spotify in Russia. Having an idea, he assembled a small team, but did not find a response from investors.

Because of this, the product was not launched in the crypto market. At that time, Michael realized that he lacked experience in the product and IT markets, particularly, in product management.

In early 2017, Michael made his first investment in 3 mining farms to mine Ethereum. With experience in assembling and setting up farms, he moved on to the implementation of other people’s projects.

The first major order was for the assembly and adjustment of a large number of farms in Krasnodar. Due to the lack of components, Michael turned to his future partner Yuri Eremenko to jointly supply the missing components from China.

Later, the partners were also engaged in the supply of equipment from China — ASIC miners, power supplies, and video cards. At some point, Michael realized the need to create his own project. This is how the EMCD company was born.

Michael’s strategic thinking allowed EMCD to become the market leader. Since 2017, over 3,200 BTC have been mined on the pool, and the Bitcoin hash rate is 2% of the global Bitcoin hash rate. Now, EMCD is the largest mining pool in Eastern Europe, expands its client base, and offers unique investment products in the field of digital assets.

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