Zynga Launches New Web3 Game Sugartown Through Collaboration With The Publisher Of GTA


Key Points:

  • Zynga pioneers Web3 gaming on Ethereum with Sugartown, a world of rewards and NFT gameplay.
  • Players use NFTs for access, energy, and in-game currency in Sugartown’s evolving universe.
  • Zynga’s partnership with Take-Two marks a game-changing step toward decentralized gaming’s rise.
Zynga, the renowned mobile game developer under the umbrella of Take-Two Interactive Software, has ventured into the realm of Web3 with the launch of its groundbreaking game and platform named Sugartown.

Sugartown, developed on the Ethereum network, introduces players to an enchanting realm where they can reap rewards within an immersive environment.

To partake in the Sugartown escapade, players must wield an ERC-721 Ora token, acting as a key to enter this virtual realm. Through staking Oras, players unlock energy reserves, subsequently expended to engage in Sugartown’s diverse array of games, all the while accumulating Sugar, the non-crypto in-game currency pivotal for unlocking coveted rewards.

Zynga’s innovative stride encompasses the issuance of 10,000 Ora NFTs later this year, mandating their possession for game entry. The Ora NFTs serve as the gateway to an immersive experience, offering access to free-to-play minigames housed within the game. Moreover, players can stake their Ora NFTs, amassing Sugar and ushering in additional in-game bonuses.

Zynga’s initial foray into blockchain-based games was disclosed in late 2021, yet substantial details about this venture remained veiled until early 2022.

This move came on the heels of Grand Theft Auto publisher Take-Two Interactive’s acquisition of Zynga for a staggering $12.7 billion in the previous year. The acquisition signaled a significant collaboration between the two industry giants in the realm of blockchain gaming.

The forthcoming Sugartown collection, brimming with evolving free-to-play mini-games, underscores Zynga’s commitment to the Web3 landscape.

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